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Katherine Karshna

Executive Director - Center for Healthcare Careers of Southeast Wisconsin

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Eric Humphrey

Chair - Center for Healthcare Careers of Southeast Wisconsin

Froedtert Health | Senior Vice President Human Resources

Pivot during the pandemic
Pivot during the pandemic
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The unprecedented demand on healthcare due to the sudden outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic brought many new challenges to an already declining workforce.  Our method for conveying information and connecting job

seekers to healthcare careers needed to quickly pivot in order to continue to feed our healthcare partners with new workers. The Center for Healthcare Careers established new and innovative ways to continue to provide healthcare career information, connections to healthcare careers, and a pathway to employment training program. 

Traditional experiences PIVOT to videos, livestream events, and ZOOM interviews. 

A pivot is a change in strategy without a change in vision. 

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-Eric Ries

Healthcare Job Connector Event Pivot

Healthcare Job Connector Events have been a staple of the Center since it's beginning. These events create a steady, diverse pipeline of candidates in search of employment in the high-growth healthcare industry. When all in-person events wer