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Resources and Tips for those interested in healthcare careers

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Learn about the position(s) and the hospital system(s) you are interviewing with. 

One of the great things about working in the healthcare industry is that there's a diverse range of positions both clinical and non-clinical. 

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 Best practices for interviewing in-person and virtually.

The interview process may consist of many different types of interviews including; phone, video, panel, automated interview or in person. Review the following best practices for interviewing to be sure you're ready!

Dress -Plan what you're wearing ahead of time.  If your interview is in person or online be sure to wear business attire. A clean wrinkle free blouse or dress shirt and dress pants are generally acceptable. 

Resume -Have your resume handy and be prepared to answer any questions your potential employer may have. 

Rehearse -Prepare some answers for questions that might come up during an interview.  Download our Healthcare Interview Guide for common interview sample questions. 

Smile, Make eye contact, and Relax. Remember you are interviewing the Healthcare Provider as much as they are interviewing you - you both are looking for a good fit. 

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Review your resume before interviews.

Resumes are not a one size fits all document. You should review and adjust your resume for each position you are interviewing for. 

Resume Checklist

Make sure all the information on your resume is up-to-date.

Make sure to include your name and updated contact information (phone & email address).

Include updated education, work history and volunteer or internship experiences. 

Make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors and it is easy to read. 

When naming the resume file, use file name such as: (First Name Last Name Year Resume) i.e. (Joe Smith Resume 2021.pdf) 

Note **Customer Service is very important to all healthcare positions, be sure to list all customer service experiences you have. 

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Putting your best face forward in a virtual interview. 

Virtual interviews are here to stay, but don't worry we have some tips to help you. 

Dress -Just because you're online doesn't mean you should show up in sweats. Dress the same as you would for an in-person interview. 

Distractions -Choose a quiet area and make sure you find a location with little distractions. If you have kids consider having someone watch them during your interview. 

Location -Look for a space that has good lighting, good internet and is clean. Look around to see what is in your background. 

Technology -Test your technology before your interview. Be sure you have a strong internet connection. There are many community partners can assist you if you need help. 

Watch this short video for some more great online interview tips. 

Not sure which healthcare position is right for you?
Explore our video library to learn more about healthcare occupations. 

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